Legendary Patagonia, the southernmost region of the Americas, is shown in rich photographs by Argentine naturalist Marcelo Beccaceci. Written in Spanish and English throughout, the book takes readers on a panoramic journey through one of the world's most magnificent and varied landscapes, explaining its formation and the remarkable animals and flora that thrive in the rugged reaches of Argentina and Chile. From the snow-crested peaks of the Andes through arid Argentine steppe lands, deep into the Chilean fjords, the imagery astounds. Beccaceci's reverence for the native wildlife, the focus of his life's work as a conservationist, brings the intimate details of NATURAL PATAGONIA to an international audience. Written in Spanish-English bilingual parallel text and illustrated with 120 color photographs and two maps, the book is fully indexed and includes scientific names.

By Marcelo D. Beccaceci (Autor)