In Cusco and in the Sacred Valley the weather is very variable, warm in the sun and cold in the shade, dress in layers, bring rain jacket for all tours, even in the dry season, temperature is between 45 and 72 F, humidity is between 15% to 50%. Machu Picchu is unpredictable and humid, days can be very hot or damp cold if it rains, temperature ranges between 50 and 82 F dress in layers, bring your rain jacket all the time.

High Altitude
Going to high altitude requires acclimatization. Our itinerary is designed to allow the participants of the tour to acclimatize gradually.
After we land at the airport of Cusco (11,000 feet) we drive to the Sacred Valley (9,400 Feet) and stay in a hotel in the Sacred Valley for 2 nights. We take the train to Machu Picchu from Ollantaytambo and arrive to Aguas Calientes Train Station (6,700 Feet) spend 1 night in Aguas Calientes. The average elevation of the Machu Picchu archaeological site is 7,970 Feet.
After Machu Picchu we go to Cusco (11,000 feet) and stay there for 2 nights. By the time we get to Cusco we would be already used to the altitude. Still, at least some mild altitude sickness the first days is expected. On your first day do not do much, eat light, drink plenty of fluids (water, herbal teas, etc.) make sure to be well hydrated. Bring your personal medication for headaches or mountain sickness prescribed by your physician.

For Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu: you will need: Hiking shoes or sneakers with a good sole, a hat (for the sun), a small daypack for the hikes, sunscreen lotion of high SPF like (40 or above), insect repellent (for Machu Picchu), lip balm, sunglasses (with UV protection), a good rain jacket or windbreaker, long pants, long sleeve shirts, t-shirts, a couple of short sleeve shirts (for Machu Picchu), a wool hat. For evenings and early mornings, a fleece jacket.
Walking sticks are recommended. It will be helpful for the stone stairs once we arrive in Machu Picchu and at other sites, be sure it has a rubber tip. You can bring your own if you have one, or buy (one Leki collapsible type) for $15.00 USD approx. in the Sacred Valley.

In Peru the currency is called Nuevos Soles. The exchange rate is around 3.33 per 1 US dollar. You can use US dollars in many places in Peru, but there are few places where you can only use soles. It won’t be hard to find exchanging houses. The most accepted cards in Peru are VISA and Master Card. Make sure you bring emergency phone numbers in case of lost cards. Personal checks are not accepted in Peru.
SOMETHING IMPORTANT ABOUT US DOLLARS: In Peru, dollar bills (of any denomination) that have a tear, holes or stains are not accepted. Make sure that the money (cash) you bring to Peru is in good shape. Also there is a problem with 100 Dollar bills of the series CB B2; they will not be accepted. Despite our traveler's advice it is better not to bring many one dollar bills, because you get paid less Soles and get lower exchange rate for one dollar bills. ATM machines are available in most of the places and usually they provide a maximum withdrawal of USD 200 per day. Please be aware that ATM’s dispense either in USD$ or Soles (S/.) at your choice, keep in mind that ATMs charge bank commissions.

We always recommend having bottled water with you. OAT Peru will provide 1 bottle of water per day. Do not drink tap water, it may be unsafe for you.

In Peru electricity is 220 Volts / 50 Hertz (cycles per second). You may consider bringing a personal 110v - 220v electrical transformer and/or adapter IF your electronic device do not indicates AUTOVOLT.

Luggage for Machu Picchu
For the train ride from Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu we are allowed one day pack, with personal items for the tour in Machu Picchu (water, rain jacket, camera, batteries, sunscreen, insect repellent, etc) and a small duffle bag or small carry-on with overnight stuff. The weight of the overnight should not exceed 11 pounds, it should contain only what you need for the night and the two days that you will be in Machu Picchu. What to bring: one extra set of clothes, rain jacket, jacket, comfortable walking shoes with good grip/traction, collapsible walking stick with rubber tips for a better balance, hats or caps, sun screen, sun glasses, insect repellent and personal medication. WE SEND THE CHECK (big) LUGGAGE BAG TO CUSCO HOTEL.

If you lost your passport
The USA embassy in Lima is the only entity who can issue a new passport in Peru; if you lost your passport keep in mind that you will need to spend at least one full day in Lima city to complete the paperwork to get a new one and be able to leave the country.