• Manaus is located in the Amazon River Basin. Has a climate that is typically humid and with rainfall all year round. Usually has daily afternoon rainstorms that are quick and heavy. Temperatures ranging from 80F to 90F. Relative humidity is quite high at the average of 88% in the rainy season and 77% in the dry season.
• Arrival: please be aware that you will be arriving late in the evening. Your TL will be waiting for you at the airport to take you directly to the lodge by bus and boat.
• As there will be no time to stop and buy anything (due to the late arrival), you may bring any snack you want to have during your days in the lodge.
• Due to the high temperatures, it is very important to keep hydrated so bring a water bottle to refill. The only beverage included in the lodge is filtered water. You can pay separately for any other drink you want.
• What to bring: light clothes (short sleeves and long sleeves for jungle walk), light footwear such as "tevas or crocs", a light rain jacket, a hat, a swimsuit, insect repellent, sunscreena and a flashlight.